Signs That Your Tires Need Rotating

Tire rotation is a frequently overlooked aspect of vehicle maintenance. If you take too long to rotate them, you may lose traction, or in the worst cases could even suffer a blowout. There are several tell signs that your tires need rotation.

The most obvious one is if you notice uneven wear in your tire treads. While it is perfectly normal for the front tires to wear out faster than the rear ones, do not wait too long before you rotate them.

Another telling sign is unusual vibrations. When driving with worn out tires, the vehicle may shake or produce some shimmying noise. This is usually experienced when driving at high speeds.

Tire rotations need to be done on a regular basis. Do not wait until your tires are completely worn out, or you may have to replace them. If you're unsure if your tires need a rotation, visit the service center at Riverhead Toyota in Riverhead, NY. Our service staff would be happy to help.

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