The Toyota C-HR displays its facets in Riverhead.

Toyota unveiled the C-HR at the Geneva Auto Show in 2016. Since that time, many have fallen in love its looks.

With its multitude of sharp lines on the hood, the doors, fenders and quarter panels, the C-HR looks menacing at first glance. But to truly appreciate the aesthetics, think of it as a diamond. Each distinctive line is a facet to the diamond, reflecting the light from the metallic paint in every direction. For those wanting their SUV to stand out, the C-HR fits the bill.

Following the curved sight line to the rear, another noticeable feature is the rear spoiler, set between the roof line and the rear window. Though it adds to the visual beauty of the C-HR, the spoiler is also functional. It creates downdraft to the rear wheels, permitting better handling.
At Riverhead Toyota, we love the way the C-HR looks in the showroom. We like the way it looks better when I customer is taking is for a test drive.



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