The Sporty Toyota Yaris Exterior

We here at Riverhead Toyota are very excited to introduce you to the new Toyota Yaris. This popular subcompact car is beautifully designed. It has athletic exterior features that are sure to attract attention wherever you go.

You can get a new Yaris with premium alloy wheels. They come standard on LE and XLE trim levels. The 16-inch wheels feature a modern split-spoke design. Instead of leaving the alloy material unfinished, Toyota treated the material to produce an attractive gunmetal color. The beautiful design and color of these wheels complement any available exterior paint finish.

The sporty accents don't stop there. Higher trim levels also feature a rear lip spoiler in the rear. The spoiler blends in seamlessly with the slope of the trunk. It's a subtle feature that can also provide some performance benefits. It can reduce drag on the road, helping you achieve more speed without wasting fuel.



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