For off-road environments, a 4Runner can provide great stability, speed, and torque. There are two features that give a driver these perks, and they're very reliable on rough terrains.

The Toyota 4Runner powers along paths and trails using its Active Traction Control System and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. Toyota's traction control has two modes; however, both options take advantage of a 4-wheel drive system. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System gives the 4Runner more power by increasing traction. It works very well in locations that have rocks, mud, gravel, or dirt.

Riverhead Toyota proudly sells 4Runner vehicles to everyone in Riverhead and surrounding areas. To make the buying process convenient, we let consumers test drive our automobiles. Toyota 4Runner test drives are very enjoyable because every trim is equipped with useful features, such as an HD radio and navigation tools. We always give potential customers detailed information about the 4Runner's mechanical hardware and technologies during every test drive.



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