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Not every driver craves the benefits or commitment from a new car. But they still want the features and financial freedom to get where they need to go. Here at Riverhead Toyota, we pride ourselves on our variety of inventory for our SUVs. Here are a few examples of what you might find among our inventory, including more information about getting the best outcome.

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Used SUV Vehicles

The Toyota Rav4 is known for having a strong engine and plenty of options for going off-road. It can haul cargo with the best of them and focuses on the comfort of passengers. Part of the reason why it can go off-road effectively is due to its All Wheel Drive.

The 2022 Toyota Highlander has a substantially powerful V6 engine. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission for delivering power where you need it. It also has a speedy 0 to 60 stat and plenty of space. The Highlander has three rows of passenger spots as an SUV, which is on the high end.

Reviews also indicate that the Highlander handles better than normal as an SUV. You don't normally expect an SUV at this size to have nimble handling, but the Highlander does. The adaptive suspension that the vehicle has also helped with this.

Finding Your Vehicle

The 4Runner from Toyota starts with a durable power train. It has a lot of power, but it has new tech that allows it to perform more reliably. Plus, even among SUVs, the 4Runner has strong abilities when it comes to off-roading. This includes the Crawl Control feature, which helps the vehicle move over rough terrain.

The vehicle includes suspension systems using more advanced technology. It also has climate control options with multiple settings. It can create two different zones for the vehicle. On top of that, you have the moon-roof with powerslide. This can add additional ventilation to help get the vehicle the way you want it in terms of temperature.

The Toyota Venza from 2022 has an impressive fuel economy. This includes estimates of 40 MPG in the city and 37 on the highway. It seats five people, and all of the seats are comfortable. The suspension also ensures a safe, smooth ride. There are also many standard features here, including all-wheel drive. This is useful since you don't have to spend anything extra to get them.

Other Considerations

When choosing a vehicle from our inventory, there are advantages to taking a certified Toyota. This often means that you may get extended warranty protection, for starters. You also get often get satisfaction guarantees as well. In other words, the used Toyota dealer certifies that the vehicle will work according to tot the details of the certification or your money back. This will help you rest easier regarding hybrid vehicles or whatever else, such as a used SUV for sale.

Additionally, you should consider trading in your vehicle as well when you're looking for a new one. You won't have a lot of use for the old one when getting a new one, after all. Plus, trading in your vehicle will allow you to put its value towards the vehicle that you wish to purchase.

This will help you save time when it comes to selling the vehicle yourself. It could save money as well if you were going to add repairs. It also allows you to move through the process of getting a new car more quickly.

When looking for a used Toyota, New York drivers turn to their favorite Toyota dealership. Visit the ideal Toyota destination at Riverhead Toyota and take your ideal model for a test drive.

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